I’m a french sound designer currently based in Montpellier. Curious and enthusiastic about everything related to audio, continuously seeking for new challenges and orignal ways to tell story with sound. I am specialized in game audio production and field recording with 16 years of experience in audio production.



2016-2019:      Lead sound designer at Ubisoft Montpellier:
.   Beyond good and evil 2: main game and marketing trailers, still in production.
.   Ghost Recon Breakpoint: cinematic and marketing sound designer.
.   Space Junkies: main game and marketing, VR shooter produced in binaural.
.   Ghost Recon Wildland: cinematic and marketing sound designer.
2014-2016:       Lead sound designer at Goodgame studios, unreleased project, Germany.
………..   ..      ..  Sound recorder, 22 sound libraries released on aSoundEffect.com
2013-2014:       Phonurgia Nova, training on sound drama production
2009-2014:       Sound designer at Ubisoft Montpellier:

.    Assassin’s Creed Unity: cinematic sound designer, XboxOne and PS4.
.    Ghost Recon Wildlands: creation an integration of weapons sounds, PS4.
.    The Crew: cinematic sound designer, XboxOne, PS4 and PC.
.    Rayman Origins: sound designer, Xbox360, PS3 and PC.
.    From Dust: main sound designer, Xbox360 and PS3.
.    The adventures of Tintin: sound editor and recorder, Xbox360 and PS3.
.    ZombiU: sound designer, WiiU, PS4

2010-2011:     IRCAM research department, training on MAX/MSP software.
2010-2011:     Sound designer for Eric Chahi’s Game: Another world, 20th anniversary.
2008-2009:     IRCAM studio department, training on Audiosculpt software.
2007-2009:      Sound designer for cartoon series: Code Lyoko and The Podcats (Paris).
2006-2010:      Sound editor for two movies: Jacques Chirac and I’m sleeping over tonight.
2006-2007:      Sound editor for documentaries and TV reports (Paris).
2004-2006:      Sound technician, TV post-production for MAIA  (Paris).
2004-2005:      Many internships in sound post production studios (Paris).
2003-2004:      CDSE at Antibes: sound production assistant graduate.


Métiers du jeu vidéo @Montpellier Métropole, interview.
Créateur d’ambiances sonores @CNC, interview.
The 3d sound of Space Junkies @Ubisoft
4th Floor studio, audio production led by Charlie Atanasyan @Goodgame studios.
Sound hunter, field recording (Spanish) @Elconfidencial.
Capturing Ambiances with Charlie Atanasyan @Soundsnap interview.

4th Floor - Behind the Scenes - Sound
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