Faunethic’s sound libraries are available on Sonniss and A Sound Effect.
A wide array of ambiances, wild sounds, effects and textures captured on the roads of Asia, Middle-east, Maghreb and South America, summarized in 1000+ selected sounds.

Recorded and edited with high quality equipment (Neumann, DPA, Sennheiser,
Aeta,…), they all comes with metadatas carefully edited, compatible with Soundminer and Soundly.

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Islamic prayer Faunethic sound library cover  Temple of Asia sound library cover

CamelX500      KhaoSok Jungle sound library cover      JordanX500

SouthIndiaX500      NorthIndiaX500      ThailandX500

TurkeyX500      SonicTransmissionX500      Geyser500

ChileX500      MoroccoX500      LaosX500

IndonesiaX500      JungleX500      PhilippinesX500

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