Field recordings: Jordan

On the road again last summer for an unplanned trip to a new place, Jordan.


Surrounded by 5 borders and 2 seas, this small country of the middle east reserves a lot of surprises to its visitors. I didn’t know what to expect before leaving, my first surprise was the warm welcome of all the citizens, very kind and always happy to help you.

From Amman, the capital to the south part of the country, I’ve drove 1600 Km through arid and hilly landscape during 10 days.

This country is full of beauty, but 3 places really impressed me:

-The dead sea which is the lowest dry point on earth, 400m below sea level. The salt has killed all the life around and draw a weird scenery, it is hard to make the distinction between the sky and the water due to the light reflection.

-Petra, the old capital of the Nabataean Kingdom.
It is composed of a lot of temples, houses and tombs distributed on a large area. All this constructions are carved directly into the rock, giving to this site a unique architecture.

Sounds of Jordan:

-The Wadi Rum desert surrounded by huge canyons of granite rock. The first words that came to my mind when I arrived there was: austerity and lifeless. That was a definitely a mistake, if you take a closer look and go into specific places that only Bedouins knows, you discover step by step a fragile and discreet wildlife.

Desert ambiances and camels:

An interesting point in Petra and Wadi Rum was the natural acoustics due to the topology, most of them are unique and extremely beautiful.

Recording sounds there was one more time a big challenge, the natural places are extremely silent and always windy, definitely not the best conditions for mics.

Considering these circumstances, I’m quite happy about the material I’ve managed to catch. To end this post, there is a sample of the most beautiful Muezzin I’ve ever heard, took at Amann from the top of a hill at 4am:

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Interested by these sounds ?

jordanThe Faunethic Jordan sound library is on sale at
33 high quality sounds, recorded and edited at 24/48 khz




You can also have a look on the last release, Camel vocals
47 high quality sounds, recorded and edited at 24/48 khz



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