Space Junkies is now live and available on PC and PsVr!

A new trailer has been done for the launch. Marketing team and our producer wanted to create something offbeat, mostly induce by the music. After some research in the classical register we have settled on Fur Elise from Beethoven.

To do so, we had to record a custom interpretation of this piece that carry a long ramp up in intensity and tempo:


I had a lot of fun creating the soundtrack for this new trailer. To give more insight of the work done, I have decided to share it this time in two ways this time:

Come back Trailer full mix:

Come back Trailer sfx only:

The game is now available on many store, including Oculus, Steam and PS store.

If you want to hear more about the 3d sound of space junkies, check out this article released on our blog.

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