Field recordings : Indonesia

This is the end of my Indonesian journey after six weeks on 3 islands: Bali, Lombok and Java.

banniere indo 1V2
What I will remember of this country is all this beautiful meetings, hospitable people and incredible scenery: black sand beaches, mountains, volcanoes, rice fields, …
I discovered a new culture where two religions lives together, Hinduism and Islam in a climate rather peaceful, like what, it’s possible.

It was quite an adventure, it’s a destination I highly recommend to any adventurer.
I recorded a lot and after a quick check I get a wide variety of soundscapes.
I was a little disappointed about my jungles excursions, they were not very singing at this time of the year, too wet, I had to compensate with beautiful monsoon made in Asia.
banniere indo 2

Shortly after my arrival, started a very important festival for Hindus, Galungan. Music and ceremonies at all street corners, so great for a soundman!
Markets where they sell everything from towns, villages, music and nature, ten hours of rushes should give me occupation for some weeks.

I exported some excerpts for you to share them.IMG_1489
Be indulgent, it is edited with headphones and a bit in a hurry.


Markets :

Nature :


Music :


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