Field recordings : Cardio vs Omi

Test between two different directional microphones in outdoor locations
Helped by Martin Weissberg, we have made several recordings on that day.

dpa mbho
We had a couple of cardioid MBHO and two omnidirectional DPA. Interesting comparison to define what fits better depending the environment

The MBHO are pre amplified by Mixy and DPA by Sound devices.


First test, the fireworks of July 14 at Montpellier (French national day):
The microphones are almost at the same place. 1: DPA: 1 m, 30 °. 2: MBHO: 18cm, 30 °.

Second test at a terrace:
The microphones are placed at the same location. 1: DPA: 18 cm, 30 °. 2: MBHO: 18cm, 30 °.

Third test in a natural reserve:
The microphones are not placed in the same location. 1: DPA: 18 cm, 0 °. 2 MBHO: 18cm, 30 °.



Field recordings : Electromagnetic field


New topic of the day, hunting magnetic fields through a new microphone, the “pickup”.
It is normally designed to be placed in the rose of an acoustic guitar. I chose this one because it doesn’t need hack or welds and it is already wired.
It’s easy to hijack this microphone to captures what we are not supposed to hear, the magnetic fields around us.



It’s a perfect tool to make electric sounds. I was inspired by the work of Jean-Edouard Miclot, I advise you to listen his findings.

Beware of your speakers, there are many low frequency (50Hz)


Some takes processed:



The set-up is somewhat bulky :
Mic-> DI -> preamps -> recorder




Not really convenient to carry outside, waiting for a real bag location, I stayed at home and at work to make my shots.

A big air conditioner:

A wireless phone:

An electric heater:

Be careful if you want to do the same.
Read this article before trying.



Hydrophone and Tibetan bowl


Recording session with a new mirco, the hydrophone.
I had on that day a wide collection of bells and Tibetan bowls.

I took a trash can, put some water in it and plunged the microphone.
After a few tests nothing extraordinary, rendering under water is almost the same as in the open air.

The notes are still very clean, noiseless, no blast or parasite. It’s always good to take.



Immersing bells in water gradually, a light natural-tune yields:

A bowl with filters and pitch, it becomes more interesting now!

To conclude, I’m slightly disappointing, I was expecting to find something more original …

Extra miscellaneous records, filled bottle underwater :


Sound Design : String and piezo


I wanted to try this mic for a while to capture metallic resonances, it’s done!medium_shadow-712

Curious to see what kinds of sounds I could find, I spent my morning to play with this capsule. I used strings of different sizes (guitar, violin, bass) and Shadow 711, simple and cheap.
Pleasant surprises by attaching string pots, they serve as support to amplify and distort the string vibrations.

-A string stretched attached to a large pot, I added a little bit of reverb:


Each metal support makes a different sound. The resonance frequencies change with the size, shape, alloy, …

That gives a lot of possibilities. The most interesting currently remains the good old cooking pans.  If you find other nice stands or have ideas, please let know.

-Tension string on a grater :

-String vibrating on a pan :



Field recordings : Indonesia

This is the end of my Indonesian journey after six weeks on 3 islands: Bali, Lombok and Java.

banniere indo 1V2
What I will remember of this country is all this beautiful meetings, hospitable people and incredible scenery: black sand beaches, mountains, volcanoes, rice fields, …
I discovered a new culture where two religions lives together, Hinduism and Islam in a climate rather peaceful, like what, it’s possible.

It was quite an adventure, it’s a destination I highly recommend to any adventurer.
I recorded a lot and after a quick check I get a wide variety of soundscapes.
I was a little disappointed about my jungles excursions, they were not very singing at this time of the year, too wet, I had to compensate with beautiful monsoon made in Asia.
banniere indo 2

Shortly after my arrival, started a very important festival for Hindus, Galungan. Music and ceremonies at all street corners, so great for a soundman!
Markets where they sell everything from towns, villages, music and nature, ten hours of rushes should give me occupation for some weeks.

I exported some excerpts for you to share them.IMG_1489
Be indulgent, it is edited with headphones and a bit in a hurry.


Markets :

Nature :


Music :


Field recordings : Lao

Only a few hours before leaving the territory of Laos.
A month has passed and I couldn’t prolong my stay, my passport was stuck In Indian Embassy pending they want to give me a visa.

banniere laos 1
Crossing a border is always accompanied by the feeling of not having seen enough, especially passing beside many beautiful things. I ran out of time to go to the extreme south, where the Mekong river gets lost between 4000 islands before continuing its journey to Cambodia. banniere laos 2 update

I started walking the northern mountains that are still very wild, then the center with its old colonial cities such as Luang Prabang or Vientiane to finally end in the imposing Khammouane southern valleys .

This small country surrounded by 5 borders is one of the wildest of South Asia. There are only 6.5 million inhabitants of which 33% distributed in three major cities. A small density for lots of nature, perfect for a sound recorder.



Unfortunately, these landscapes are changing quickly, Laos is booming. They build with turn of arm, burn forests to make way for cultures and northern ethnic slowly migrate to the cities.

After this brief, a little sound journey through these excerpts:

Nature :

Villages :

Markets :



Field recordings : Thailand

How not to resist the charms of Thailand, land of smiles and good mood!
Hospitality, kindness and humor seem to be the three qualities that define the best Thai people.

banniere 1     banniere 2

The ancient kingdom of Siam has many faces :

Bangkok, megalopolis of 10 million people who lived in a crazy rhythm both day and night.
The south and hundreds of exotic islands with white sand bordered by a abounding nature.
Then comes the north with the second biggest city, Chiang-mai and the grandiose mountainous land of the Golden Triangle.
Finally, the east part, Isaan region where remains ancient Khmer royal kingdom, but especially one of the most beautiful natural park I have ever seen, “Khao Yai National park “.

banniere 3With a lot of patience and walking, I saw wonders, I did not expect to find such a rich nature, I am very impressed, an audible and visual treat!

banniere 4

During this trip, I tried to cover most of the territory by performing multiple entries and exits at different places and different seasons.

Here are some excerpts from my findings:

Jungles :

Temples :

Markets :

Cities :

Field recordings : North India

North West showed me once again new faces of this incredible country, India ceases to amaze …

Edit Police Delhi copy

I passed through five states:

-Uttar Pradesh where is the historic city of Agra and its majestic Taj Mahal.
-The Rajasthan very quickly because of the stifling heat.
-Delhi, The hyperactive capital with 16 million inhabitants.
-The Punjab, near the Pakistan Sikh religion center.
-Himachal Pradesh, in altitude, away from heat, noise and pollution.

IMG_3270  IMG_3619

Kashmir was still far away and the roads were not open this season, the best way to get there was to conduct a one-week trek but courage missed me. I stopped in Mcleod mountains, new “capital” of Tibet in the state of the Himachal Pradesh.

Now it’s back to reality but full head of beautiful images, smile on my lips and full of motivation.
Here are a few moments of this journey:

Music and ceremonies :

Villages and quiet cities :

Cities :

Public spaces :

banniere bas

Field recodings : South India

India is an amazing hunting area for a sound recorder.
Considering the size of this country, there is a wide diversity of rural and urban environment.


I went with a couple of miniature microphone, DPA 4060 omnidirectional, very discreet, light and especially practical. A part of the records has been achieved by placing the microphones on a cap.

My only regret is to not have bring a pair of cardioid mic.
It will be for the next trip, no doubt !

The hardest part was to record nature scenes between trucks, horns and million residents, it is difficult to find quiet places, even at 5am.

Here are some samples of my records laid end to end .

Happy listening!

Jungle and forest :

Villages :

Markets :

Cities :

Train stations :