Trailer : From dust


From Dust has just been released today on Xbox 360.
It will be available on PC in August and September on PS3.

Here is the launch trailer that ends this great adventure with the dev team:

-> The official website


Some critics of the press: These natural processes are accompanied by rich sound effects that punctuate your every action. Grinding and sucking noises give your substance-gathering efforts some weight, while an outburst of birds cawing and flapping signals that disaster is imminent. If you toggle your view in closer to the action, you can hear fire crackling; villagers singing; and the creaking, burbling flow of lava. The sights and sounds make the world of From Dust look lively, and the interplay between substances and natural laws make it feel alive.

from_dust___game_icon_by_ravenbasix-d5vspcw Very elaborate, the soundtrack of From Dust fit beautifully with the game world. Smothered by the deafening roar of a volcanic eruption or tidal wave, the cries of men, delivered in a dialect unknown to become almost touching. Too bad the lovely musical themes tend to be repeated too much.





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