Space Junkies is now live and available on PC and PsVr!

A new trailer has been created for the launch. The marketing team and our producer wanted to create something offbeat, mostly induced by the music. After some research in the classical register we have settled on “Fur Elise” from Beethoven.

To do so, we had to record a custom interpretation of this piece that carries a long ramp up in intensity and tempo:


I had a lot of fun creating the soundtrack for this new trailer. To give more insight of the work done, I have decided to share it in two ways this time:

Come back Trailer full mix:

Come back Trailer sfx only:

The game is now available in many stores, including Oculus, Steam and PS store.

If you want to hear more about the 3d sound of Space Junkies, check out this article released on our blog.

–> Space Junkies official website
–> Facebook page


New E3 means new trailer for Beyond good and Evil 2!
Once again, I had the pleasure to create and shape the sound design of this trailer, a great challenge with high expectation from all the team.

There is the result after weeks of recording, sound design and mix:

One of my personal goal was to find and deliver an original sound texture kit for the small space ship. The only way to get enough variation and material to follow all the movements and speed effect was to build it from scratch.

I found it one night with my garage door combined with a weird speaker and a series of sines modulated at specific frequencies.

Capture d_écran 2018-07-10 à 22.59.06

I am very happy of the final result, mostly due to a great collaboration between all the people involved on it.

Want to follow the development of this game ?
Do not hesitate to sign up for the Space Monkey program!



Space Junkies is a visceral, jetpack-fueled VR arcade shooter where you fly through deadly orbital arenas to lead battles in multiplayer.

The game will be released in early 2018 on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with fully immersive binaural sound.

To give you a sneak peek of this project, there is the announcement trailer made for Oculus connect 4 event:

Fell free to sign up for the beta!

–> Space Junkies official website
–> Facebook page





Ubisoft has released a new title of the opus Ghost Recon: Willands.
It’s a tactical multiplayer shooter that takes place in the massive open world of Bolivia lands.

I have been involved to help the audio team by giving support to the talented cinematic team at Ubisoft Montpellier.

There is some selected examples of these cut-scenes where I have worked on, audio design, edit and mix:


Beyond good and evil 2 has been announced during last E3 at Los Angeles with a beautiful trailer made by Unit image and directed by Ubisoft Montpellier team.

I have been involded to create and shape the sound design of this footage, a great challenge with high expectation from all the team.

There is the result after weeks of recording, sound design and mix:

One of the biggest piece has been to create a retro sci-fi design for the vehicles sounds, somewhere between dirty thermic engine and futuristic ship. Considering the sustained action, from the beginning of the editing process, I was continuously keeping in mind to preserve a good dynamic and put the focus on one element at the time.

I am very happy of the final result, mostly due to a great collaboration between all the people involved on it.


Trailer : From dust


From Dust has just been released today on Xbox 360.
It will be available on PC in August and September on PS3.

Here is the launch trailer that ends this great adventure with the dev team:

-> The official website


Some critics of the press: These natural processes are accompanied by rich sound effects that punctuate your every action. Grinding and sucking noises give your substance-gathering efforts some weight, while an outburst of birds cawing and flapping signals that disaster is imminent. If you toggle your view in closer to the action, you can hear fire crackling; villagers singing; and the creaking, burbling flow of lava. The sights and sounds make the world of From Dust look lively, and the interplay between substances and natural laws make it feel alive.

from_dust___game_icon_by_ravenbasix-d5vspcw Very elaborate, the soundtrack of From Dust fit beautifully with the game world. Smothered by the deafening roar of a volcanic eruption or tidal wave, the cries of men, delivered in a dialect unknown to become almost touching. Too bad the lovely musical themes tend to be repeated too much.





Trailer : zombiU Gamescom

ZombiU is a  survival horror game developing by Ubisoft Montpellier.
It will be released simultaneously with the new Nintendo console, the WiiU.


This week in Germany, it’s the Gamescom, one of the biggest video game event in Europe. A trailer was realized for this occasion.

ZombiU: Sound edit and design :


The official website of the game:
Facebook page:

Enjoy listening.

Sound Design : UFO

As part of the pre-production of a video game, I was asked to do research on a post-apocalyptic sound environment.


Here is the spitch:
In the near future, our planet is the target of an alien invasion, impressive UFO fly over cities, destroying everything around them. We are in an old apartment, the fron wall ripped open that offers a panoramic view of a devastated city:

session laser


Shooting UFO is split into three phases:
–> Loading –> Pre-shot –> Shot



This Pre-shot have two functions, it warns of imminent shooting and brings personality to these machines. The design of this sound is similar to granular synthesis, I cut small samples and duplicated it several times.
The length gives the height and reverb brings the “weight” and depth.


Sound Design : The Crew

The Crew has just been released !

New title from Ubisoft and Ivory tower, the crew is a multiplayer open world  where you can drive throughout united states.
I spent several month to sound design the 120 minutes of cut scenes. Growling monsters, heavy mechanic devices and sci-fi sounds have been requested to design original cars engines and action scenes

Here is a compilation of this work :