Sound design : ZombiU Logo


A big challenge was given to me last month, revisiting the Ubisoft logo.

New game, new brand, ZombiU merited his signature sound.

The first step to designing this logo was to define this dry and organic texture.
I got the material needed by abusing various branches and vegetables.
The musical touch came at the very end, it’s violins deformed by Audiosculpt.
Only one thing was missing, the resolution, melodious and discordant bells reminiscent of the original logo.

After many hours of work and iterations, here is the result:

Field recordings : Winter session

Winter often results in a hard battle against the cold, my first catch of the year is based on this striking theme.

It all start at home with the old boiler that hardly send warm in pipes:

The flow is a calcified radiator and the impacts come from vibration of a cello string, pitched and reverberated. Everything was recorded with two new acquisitions, hand made piezo pickups made by a Canadian.

Micros corde

It continues in the mountains around Grenoble for a night hike:

In the dark night, nothing beats better than a homemade fire torch for light.
It was made with dipped liquefied wax on toilet paper, awfully effective result!

To stay as light as possible, I only took my handy-recorder with me.
This experience has to be re-iterate equipped with my full gear as soon as possible!


Banniere neige