SOUND DRAMA: Salam alaykom

Short trip in Morocco just before summer, once again, during ramadan.

This journey started in the amazing city of Marrakech, through the small streets of the souk, part of the world heritage by UNESCO. Next step in the south Atlas mountain to find some fresh air next to the Toubkal, the highest peak of the country (4167m). Finally, the entry of the desert surrounded by beautiful and typical palm plantation in the region of Ouarzazate.

This trip was a great surprise, I was not expecting to be so out of place at only 3h of my country. I only took with me my handy recorder to make it “a bit easier”, such a mistake, never again!

Salam alaykom Morocco:

Sound Drama : First story


First sound drama.
I was curious to create something in that way because I never realized that kind of thing in the past. Finally, it is much more complicated than I had in mind.
Used to work to picture, I had to be careful to define the actions and sound space to be as consistent as possible in term of story telling. I recorded most of the sound that constitute this drama, particularly the foley.

No specific theme, only one target, create an oppressive atmosphere.

So here is the story:

I ran out of inspiration for the conclusion of this story.
Hoping that you like it, good listening.

Sound Drama : Competition

Last month, AVID france and ACFA school organized a sound design competition followed by a conference on sound design for video games. This event was hosted by many French and Canadian Audio directors.

The competition took place in the school premises, the goal was to achieve a sound fiction in 3 hours on a specific theme. To our disposal a small collection of sounds and Pro-tools without additional plug-in.

The theme was “Top secret archaeological excavations. Opening the sarcophagus a sound virus escapes, the transformation is immediate and inevitable.”

Here is my creation that won the first prize:

Sound drama : Freedom within 3 minutes

Realization of a sound fiction in the context of a french competition, this story was inspired by the totalitarian world of the book of Orson Welles, 1985.
A collection of sounds was imposed and no external addition was allowed.
No specific theme, but two instructions: do not exceed 3 minutes and focus the sound space by spatialization.

Freedom within 3 minutes:

The relation to time has changed, it just made its market entry of finance.
We are scrupulously mints under the performance, productivity and consumption, indispensable conditions for our survival we are told. But what is left of our time? One to dream, to imagine, to think?

Forced and indirectly forced, this “experience” has become the only alternative to free us our thoughts.

Sound drama : Merhaba Turkish

From a Turkish journey on the road last summer with a amazing meeting point between Europe and Asia. An incredible diversity of landscapes, cultures and traditions it all brings and awakens the senses of its visitors. What an unusual and surprising journey. from Istanbul through the plains of Anatolia and Aegean coast, sound travel on the west part of the country during Ramadan.

Merhaba Turkish:


Interested by these sounds?

TURKEYFaunethic Turkish sound library is avaialble at
36 high quality sounds, recorded and edited at 24/48 khz